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As a member of our giving circle, you have the power to nominate any local charity or non-profit that serves the St. Croix, Pierce, or Polk county areas.  If there are any outside of that area, please send a request for consideration and we can let you know if they can qualify.​

Feel free to nominate at ANY TIME!  We will always keep them on file for consideration and if they don't make one meeting they can be considered for the next.

  • Submit nominations ahead of time to allow time to vet or prequalify the nonprofit

  • Re-Nominate a Winning Nonprofit

    • Wait one to two years before re-nominating a nonprofit that has already received funding

    • Once a nonprofit wins it is indefinitely ineligible to be selected again

  • The leadership team will limit the number of times a nonprofit is drawn and presented (example: cannot present more than two times in a year)

  • We will also confer with other local chapters (River Falls and Hudson) to make sure we are not overlapping our Impact Awards

  • Validate 501(c)(3) status through attorney general website, Guidestar or Charity Navigator

“Giving is not just about making a donation.  It's about making a difference."

Kathy Calvin


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